I worked with Partnering Lab to build a process book for their "Priming Haptic Values with Wearable Technology" project, which spans several years of design, testing, and iteration. The research focuses on designing wearable technology that can sense changes in pressure during a dancing performance, and analyze this data to understand performer interaction.
The design features a soft gradient in combination with geometric forms and bold Aktiv Grotesk type. I also incorporate Baskerville for the content to pair some softness with the harsh titles. These contrasting pairings work well with the content of the research: how can we measure pressure and the intricacies of touch, both soft and sharp?
I include large-scale quotations for emphasis and to make the main ideas of the research more accessible. I also include important images from the process to 
Prototypes help to illustrate the development process of the wearable sensors.
The research emphasizes interaction between performers, audience, and musician. The wearable technology allows each participant to adjust their interpretation based on the pressure gauge by the sensors. 

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